About us

The Group of Producers EURO INDYK Sp. z o o. was registered on 27 November 2009 at the District Court in Lublin, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register with number KRS 0000343135, shares capital of 122.500,00 PLN. We were entered by the Marshal of Lublin Province on the list of the Group of Producers in April 2010.

Eight producers of turkey from Siedlce area, Łosice area and Lublin Districts create a group. The Group has commenced unofficial activity since January 2009, establishing trade relations with suppliers of chicks, manufacturing companies of fodders and poultry plants. At present we cooperate in buying chicks, mainly with the company S&S Poland Sp. z o o. and in delivering fodder with companies GOLPASZ S.A. . We managed also to begin the permanent and partner cooperation with the Poultry Plant in Stasin Sp. z o o., with which we cooperate from the beginning of our activity, and actually we deliver to the Company 95% of turkey livestock produced by the Group.

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Board member:
Jarosław Łaski

Tel. +48 531 777 746
Accounts department:
Mariusz Mazurek

Tel. +48 531 777 745

Board member:
Jarosław Dominik Mroczek

Tel. +48 500 706 753
Board member:
Jakub Wojciech Mroczek

Tel. +48 506 715 714